PepsiCo’s ‘Stubborn Soda’ Hits Shelves Nationwide

Calls it ‘the next generation of carbonated soft drinks’

Stubborn Soda varieties are described as “an unexpected twist on traditional flavors.”

PepsiCo’s Stubborn Soda is officially on shelves at major retailers nationwide, following its initial launch at select foodservice locations on fountain in 2015, according to a release.

Stubborn Soda comes in five flavors that are described as “an unexpected twist on traditional flavors,” contains 90 to 100 calories (compared to 150 calories in a bottle of regular Pepsi of the same size), and is “made with Fair Trade Certified Cane Sugar and Stevia.”

Flavors include black cherry with tarragon, orange hibiscus, agave vanilla cream soda, classic root beer, and lemon berry açaí.

“Stubborn Soda is the next generation of carbonated soft drinks. We gave it that name because we don't compromise on our ingredients, flavors or the way the product is experienced,” said Megan Gagnon, director of marketing for Stubborn Soda. “We use only quality ingredients and flavors, and we've worked hard to create the ultimate experience – from the way the beverage is poured, to the perfect finishing garnish to bring fans a product they're proud to drink and share.”


On whether the product is truly “the next generation of carbonated soft drinks,” a Beverage Daily editor says that though the product addresses changing consumer preferences — “bold and interesting taste combinations,” “quality,” and “calorie content of soft drinks and concern over artificial sweeteners” —the product is still fairly new, so “only time will tell.”