PepsiCo’s 1893 Premium Cola Brand Adds Two New Flavors

The launch will include integrated marketing with a national ad on TV and social media platforms this spring

The brand's debut products were Original Cola and Ginger Cola.

In 2016, PepsiCo launched 1893 from the Makers of Pepsi-Cola to pay tribute to the company’s 100-plus years in the cola industry. The brand draws inspiration from the original Pepsi recipe created in 1893 by company founder Caleb Bradham and blends premium ingredients such as such as kola nut extract, certified fair trade sugar, and sparkling water.

This year, 1893 is launching two new flavors, Citrus Cola (which includes grapefruit flavors) and Black Currant Cola.

Stacy Taffet, senior director of marketing at Pepsi, told The Daily Meal that the brand aims to continue to bring new, innovative flavors to the table for premium cola drinkers to discover and enjoy. With this product launch, the company believes that its Citrus Cola and Black Currant Cola are the flavors of the next generation in the industry.

“We created these variants for our consumer – knowing that the elevated palate is craving grapefruit and black currant as trending flavors,” Taffet said.

According to Taffet, the company believes that the beverages are just as enjoyable on their own as they would be as mixers to top shelf cocktails.

In fact, the company says it plans to carry out its new flavor campaign with a cocktail focus, tapping into the knowledge of top bartenders in the country.

“Expect to see the new 1893 top shelf cola campaign have a strong tie with the bar community,” Taffet said. “Our 1893 Top Shelf bartender program will demonstrate that a premium spirit is best enjoyed with a premium cola.”


The new flavors, sold in 12-ounce cans, will be available at retail locations where Pepsi products are sold.