PepsiCo Is Launching a Line of Craft Fountain Sodas Called ‘Stubborn Soda’

Pepsi is going hipster by introducing this line of all-natural, cane sugar-sweetened sodas that will hit stores this summer

Pepsi’s new line of sodas is meant to appeal to a nutrition-conscious audience as soda consumption slows down nationwide. 

After the success of its craft soda launches for Caleb’s Kola and Mountain Dew’s Dew Shine, PepsiCo is dipping into the craft soda business once again. As an appeal to health-conscious customers, and perhaps in reaction to the craft beer boom, Pepsi will be releasing Stubborn Soda, sweetened with raw cane sugar and natural flavors, as early as this summer.The line of small-batch sodas sold only “on tap” (soda fountains) will include unique flavors like black cherry with tarragon, orange hibiscus, pineapple cream, and agave vanilla cream, according to The Associated Press.

The beverage market is starting to change as cities attempt to tax soft drinks. Soda companies are scrambling to introduce “natural” beverages that don’t contain high fructose corn syrup, like Coca-Cola Life and Pepsi True, which are sweetened with raw cane sugar and Stevia.


“Stubborn Soda is in an incubation phase,” says Gina Anderson, a PepsiCo representative. “It's very new, they're still learning from it and reaching out.”