Pepsi’s Mysterious New Craft Soda Is Here: Pepsi 1893 Original and Ginger Cola

Pepsi 1893 has been spotted on shelves: Yet another Pepsi soda designed to appeal to small-batch-seeking Millennials

Pepsi’s new retro soda has the sleek design of an energy drink.

Pepsi is appealing to the increasingly discerning taste buds of the younger generations with yet another craft soda made with all-natural ingredients.

The new 1893 Cola (available in original and Ginger Ale flavors) rolls out nationwide this week on the heels of the release of a similar Kaleb’s Kola, also by Pepsi. Pepsi and Coca-Cola both released “natural” sodas last year, which removed all hints of artificial sugar from their carbonated drink.

Officially known as "1893, from the makers of Pepsi-Cola," the name refers back to the year that Pepsi was invented, and arrives in narrow brown and gold cylindrical cans. The soda, (originally introduced as Brad’s Drink), much like Kaleb’s Kola, is made with kola nuts, certified fair trade sugar, and sparkling water.

According to Brand Eating, the taste is very similar to Kaleb’s Kola, “but without the citrus notes.” The new soda comes only in 12-ounce cans. You can check out Pepsi’ promotion for the new craft soda below.