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Only 100 Starbucks Locations Get to Try These Coffee Ice Cubes

For 80 cents, coffee ice cubes can be added to any iced drink

When the weather starts warming up, nothing's better than an ice-cold drink. But avid iced coffee and cold brew drinkers can vouch for that watered down taste when you sip on your drink a little too long and end up with a beverage diluted by melted ice cubes. Although there are plenty of DIY solutions, Starbucks is doing its due diligence and testing out a new approach to its cold drinks with coffee ice cubes.

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, the coffee giant is offering coffee ice for a limited time at only 100 locations in Baltimore and St. Louis, Popsugar reported.

In a thread on Reddit, a barista claimed that she wasn't a fan of Frappuccinos, but when trying the White Mocha Frappuccino with coffee ice, the drink was "stronger" and "smoother."

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