Novel Tea Bag Looks a Goldfish Swimming in Your Tea

Charm Villa’s ‘feverishly popular’ goldfish tea, now available for purchase in the US

When pulled, the thread, attached to the ‘mouth’ of the tea bag, makes the ‘fish’ look like it is swimming

Two years ago Charm Villa, a creative agency based in Taipei, launched goldfish tea. The tea bags, specially designed by 28 university students from St. Johns University in Taipei, are made from Japanese fabric and infused with Taiwanese tea leaves, according to Eater. A Charm Villa representative tells Eater, “There are 16 steps that go into making the teabag. Nine of those require manual, handicraft skill. As for the details of the production, those are trade secrets.” Regarding the design, the representative says, “The goldfish in Asian culture represents wealth and good fortune.”

Still popular as ever in Taiwan, frequently selling out and Charm Villa dealing with supply issues, goldfish tea is now available for purchase in the U.S. through third party sellers on Amazon, where a box of 12 tea bags is being sold for $80 in comparison to $35 in Taiwan.


Upon submerging the tea bags, the ‘body’ swells to mimic the look of a goldfish and the artfully placed thread, attached to the ‘mouth’ of the tea bag, when pulled mimics a swimming goldfish. The beautiful display is sure to enhance any tea drinking experience.