New Yorkers Are Really Angry About This Decaf Coffee Popup Shop That Just Opened Up

New York is used to getting a slew of new and increasingly stranger popup shops, from cat cafes to restaurants with menus crafted entirely from food waste.But this has got to be the most confusing: A decaf-only coffee shop has popped up on Lafayette Street. Canadian-based brand, Swiss Water will be introducing New York to "the art of coffee without caffeine," a concept that's incredibly foreign to the hustle and bustle lifestyle of most urban professionals.

The popup opened just before Halloween and will be around for the rest of the week, closing on November 7. The brew-masters will be creating "sensory experiences that includes espresso, handcrafted manually brewed coffee and cold brew options." The Swiss Water decaffeination process is a complicated scientific method of extracting caffeine from coffee beans using water. Swiss Water already sells their brown swill, err, we mean artisan decaffeinated coffee at high-end grocery stores, but they are hoping a popup shop will help shake decaf's diluted image.

New Yorkers are not really convinced: