New SodaStream Device Will Make Carbonated Drinks From Any Liquid

Sodastream is coming out with a new device, SodaStream Mix, that will allow you to turn pretty much anything into soda

Wine spritzers, bubbly lemonade, carbonated milk… the possibilities are endless. OK, we might skip out on that last one.

For most of its existence, the SodaStream had very strict rules. You could only use the machine to carbonate water, or water mixed with flavored syrups. If you went outside the fizzy box, like this kid did when he tried to carbonate wine, the consequences could be disastrous (does anyone know how to get wine stains out of linoleum?).But SodaStream’s upcoming device, SodaStream Mix, designed by famous gadget designer Yves Béhar, is a Bluetooth-connected device that will allow you to carbonate virtually any liquid, “from pure fruit juices to alcoholic beverages." 

The device will debut at Milan's Salone del Mobile next month and is catered toward bartenders, but will also be marketed to “sophisticated home users,” according to The Verge. Sadly, we’re not sure if carbonating literally any liquid we can find in the house (carbonated vodka? Egg creams without the seltzer? Margarita sodas?) can be considered sophisticated.


Although no price or release date has been listed as of yet, we suspect the “turn anything into soda” machine won’t come cheap.