New Smart Brita Pitcher Orders Its Replacement Filters for You

Because who actually remembers to change the filter at the right time?
Brita pitcher


The Wi-Fi-enabled Brita Infinity pitcher connects with Amazon Dash to bring customers new filters when they need them.

The newest smart kitchen appliance to hit the market is a Brita Infinity pitcher, which orders new filters so you don’t have to. The Wi-Fi-enabled pitcher features a built-in counter which tracks the amount of water that passes through the filter.

When the filter nears its capacity at around 40 gallons of water, the pitcher orders a new filter through Amazon Dash, according to a release. Though the ordering service is automatic, the customer maintains control and can manage his or her orders and deliveries online. Customers register their pitchers online, connect it to their home Wi-Fi network, and sign up for the Amazon Dash Replacement using their Amazon account.

Brita general manager, Ed Huber, says, “People buy Brita pitchers because they want cleaner, great-tasting water from any tap, but the challenge is remembering to have that replacement filter on-hand, just when you need it. We saw an opportunity to work with Amazon to make keeping up-to-date on filter changes effortless for Brita users. By integrating Wi-Fi connectivity into this pitcher so it can connect with Amazon Dash Replenishment, we’ve created an elegant, simple solution to eliminate that moment when you realize you didn’t re-order your filter.”

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