New Shark-Shaped Japanese Tea Bags Turn Your Drink Red

The Daisho Fishery Company has made shark-shaped tea bags that are probably not for the faint of heart

These could add a little excitement to a stodgy tea time like this.

We previously reported on the introduction of another artsy tea bag — an adorable goldfish number that “swims” in the teacup whenever its string is pulled. Taiwanese makers Charm Villa frequently sold out of them, especially after craze was introduced to U.S. buyers last December.

A Japanese seafood export company, Daisho Fishery, thought that they, too, could capitalize on this market for quirky tea bags. The only catch with theirs is that the steeping process can be a little off-putting.

They have created a shark tea bag — that goldfish had better be careful — complete with a string attached to a figurine of a diver. When dropped into the mug, the delicious combination of rosehip and hibiscus begins to steep into the water — and the tea turns blood red.

The “shark” seems to be bleeding as the tea steeps, that is, so the cup looks like it’s full of the animal’s “blood.”

The company also wants to produce a line of whale-shark teabags, mercifully filled with green tea and devoid of bloody similarities. A crowdfunding effort to launch the teabags is halfway towards its goal of 1 million yen ($9,900).


Any fans of Shark Week, Jaws, or Sharknado must be licking his or her lips at the prospect of these teabags. They would probably fit perfectly in a mug that reads “We’re gonna need a bigger boat!”