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New Oregon Bill Aims to Ban Alcohol on Public Beaches

The crime would be punishable with a maximum fine of $1,250 or 30 days in jail

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The state currently tries to implement a “leave no trace” littering policy.

If you envisioned a summer filled with day drinking on the beaches in Oregon, you might have to change your plans. On Tuesday, lawmakers introduced House Bill 3441 that, if passed, will make drinking alcohol and having unopened or empty alcohol containers on public beaches a crime, The News-Review reported.

Under current laws, drinking on public beaches and in state parks is generally permitted except for in designated areas that are marked with signs; however, according to the bill’s lead sponsor Rep. Janeen Sollman, leftover garbage poses safety and environmental problems.

“I’m not a party crasher … I don’t have a problem with people enjoying a drink,” Sollman told The News-Review. “It’s unfortunate that this will impact good people who have been doing it the right way.”

Although there are littering laws in place, Sollman says that an alcohol ban is needed since current laws aren’t working.

“I’d like to protect the beaches for future generations,” she said.


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