Nestea Brings the ‘Evolution of Tea’ With Two New Tea Lines

The rebrand will officially launch in 2017

The Nestea rebranding is targeted toward millennials looking to spend more for high-quality tea.

Nestea’s classic style is getting a makeover with its first rebranding initiative in decades, which will include two new tea lines.

Cassin Chaisson, the tea director at Nestle Waters North America, told Beverage Daily that the old Nestea wasn’t “delivering on the evolution of tea.”

Nestea interviewed thousands of consumers to find out what the brand needed improvement on and found that consumers wanted easy consumption and drinkability, Chaisson said. Consumers also called for new tea flavors.

“There are consumers really interested in fruit flavors and consumers looking for real tea taste,” Chaisson said. “We’ve completely rebuilt Nestea to deliver on that.”

Next year, the brand will launch two new product lines including a fruit-flavored tea and a “real brewed” tea.


The fruit-flavored line will be sweetened with sugar and stevia; it will be available in three flavors: lemon, peach, and raspberry. The real brewed line will be available in four flavors: unsweetened and slightly sweet black tea, a slightly sweet black tea and rooibos, and a slightly sweet organic green tea certified by the USDA. The new lines will be available in six-packs and will retail for $1.49 and $1.79 per bottle, respectively.