This Mug Lets You Sip Your Coffee or Tea at the Perfect Temperature

Ember Technologies created a mug that can be synced to your smartphone
Ember Mug

Never burn your tongue while drinking coffee again!

If you’ve ever wanted to ensure that your coffee or tea stays at the perfect temperature, this gadget might be for you.

Ember Technologies created a Temperature Adjustable Mug and launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund this ingenious cup.

This 12-ounce mug is unique in that you would need to first download an app on your smartphone to control the temperature. Whether you prefer your beverage scalding hot or just lukewarm, you can sync the mug to your Apple or Android phones and tablets using Bluetooth.

The mobile app also allows you to name your mug, save preset temperatures for different drinks, and set an alarm to let you know when your drink is ready to be consumed.

The Ember mug can  store cold drinks and soups at the ideal temperature, too. It is leak-proof and comes with a cordless charging coaster. It takes about one-and-a-half hours to charge the mug and lasts for about two hours.

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A mug costs $109 on the Indiegogo website and will ship out on April 2016.