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Mountain Dew Partners With YouTubers, Launches Its Own Multichannel Network

Company to work directly with influencers to create branded content

Mountain Dew has launched its own multichannel network (MCN) — the first such brand-owned example, according to the company — in an effort to more effectively work with influencers and better reach its target audience.

MCNs, which consolidate thousands of YouTube channels and creators to maximize ad revenue, aren’t anything new (see Maker, AwesomenessTV, etc). In having a brand MCN, Mountain Dew has cut out the content middleman and is working with content creators directly, according to Co.Create.

The company looks to partner with “culturally relevant influencers” to create YouTube content in categories important to the brand, such as action sports, basketball, art, music, and gaming. Dancer Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval, basketball influencer Grayson “The Professor” Boucher, and skateboarders Josh Katz and Nigel Alexander are already signed on.

“We're no stranger to working with influencers, and over time we've really seen the value of YouTube influencers as key partners in helping us to forge relationships with young millennials and gen Z,” says Sadira Furlow, marketing director at Mountain Dew.

“When we looked at that, we saw a bigger opportunity to take a step back, and instead of these one-offs, to start thinking about creating our own MCN and really leaning in with these influencers to help each other and commit to a longer-term partnership.”

For the YouTubers, Mountain Dew’s Green Label offers upfront a long-term, exclusive brand integration deal, as well as a larger slice of the ad sales revenue.

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