Mountain Dew Adds to Premium Label Series and Introduces Spiked Lemonade

The brand says it wants consumers to ‘grab summer by the lemons’ with its newest products

The brand says it hopes to excite and expand its fan base with its newest flavors.

PepsiCo is expanding the Mountain Dew brand with the launch of four new products: Mtn Dew Green Label, Mtn Dew White Label, Mtn Dew Spiked Lemonade, and Mtn Dew Spiked Raspberry Lemonade.

In the Label Series, the new products will expand on the original Mtn Dew flavor with fruity ingredients, including kiwi and green apple in Green Label and a “mysteriously exotic” combination of pineapple, grapefruit, and citrus bitters in White Label.

According to Chauncey Hamlett, senior director of marketing for Mountain Dew, the brand decided to expand the premium soda line due to the success of Mtn Dew Black Label, an herbal, dark berry version of the classic Mtn Dew that was initially launched on college and university campuses. Hamlett says that the strategy proved to be effective, as the college crowd quickly became fans of the brand through word of mouth.

To kick off the Label Series, the brand will host a free two-day Label Motel event on April 15 and 16, which will turn the Musicland Hotel in Palm Springs, California, into a “bold and refined” experience for loyal customers the brand refers to as “DEW Nation.” The brand says that attendees will be able to enjoy DJ sets and live performances, peruse fashion merchandise created in collaboration with VFILES, view an interactive art installation from Bradley Theodore, and meet the Mountain Dew pro skate team.

The Label Motel event is part of the broader “Boldly Refined” marketing campaign, which will also include “immersive consumer experiences” such as events on college campuses, surprise celebrity appearances, and a determined presence at the MTV Movie and TV Awards in May.

To get an early start on summer, the brand is also launching its non-alcoholic spiked lemonade collection (including regular lemonade and raspberry lemonade flavors), which is set to hit shelves at the same time as the new additions to the Label Series. In addition to that classic lemonade taste, the brand “spiked” the beverages with prickly pear cactus juice. The soda is also sweetened with agave and sugar.


The products will be available in 16-ounce cans at retailers nationwide.