MoJoe Provides Quality Fresh-Brewed Coffee On the Go

Using the power of steam, MoJoe brews fresh coffee without any big motors or small parts
Coffee Beans

The MoJoe Kickstarter has raised over $16,000 of its $20,000 goal.

For those tired of waiting on line or getting up extra early to make a pot of fresh brewed coffee, the founders of MoJoe have created an innovative solution: a travel mug that is also a coffeemaker. MoJoe makes fresh brewed coffee at the push of a button, wherever and whenever, without the bulkiness of a coffee machine.

Joseph Hyman, MoJoe's CEO and cofounder, says, “The issue was, how do you move water from reservoir A to reservoir B without big motors or small parts?” After several design iterations, Hyman and team came up with a two-compartment design that keeps the water and coffee separate until the brew button is pushed. Then, a heating element heats up the water to 200 degrees and the resulting steam generates enough pressure to push the heated water through a tube and into the coffee reservoir.

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Several design elements to MoJoe make it especially convenient for on-the-go brewing. It can be powered using a wall or car socket or a rechargeable battery, and can brew whether you are walking, driving, or riding a bike with MoJoe in hand. MoJoe fits into cup holders, gives different brewing options, and uses water at any temperature, from any source.