Milwaukee Brewery Apologizes After Promoting 'Date Grape' Beer

The MobCraft Brewery in Milwaukee allows customers creative freedom by uploading beer ideas and names on the company website to be considered for production each month. What initially began as a fun competition quickly took a turn for the worst when the company promoted a user-submitted beer called "Date Grape."

"Date Grape," which made the top eight names eligible for voting in the competition, consists of dates and grapes. The pun on "date rape" was submitted by a man in Colorado, according to Fox 6 Now.

The brewery posted a statement on Facebook that explained the company's lack of procedure for screening names and the company's founder, Henry Schwartz, said he felt horrible that the oversight happened.

"We would never promote rape culture as it is very serious issue never to be joked about. Again my apologies for this," Schwartz wrote.

MobCraft has deleted the submission and has changed the name-screening process to include "human editorial checks and balances," Fox 6 Now reported.