Miller Light Launches an Instant Beer Button

MillerCoors announced a few smart devices that let beer lovers push for beer on demand, including an Amazon Dash button

It may be a marketing gimmick, but it’s a pretty convenient one.

Millennials may not appreciate being called the “lazy generation,” but look at all the buttons we can press for instant gratification, like the Domino’s pizza button and Amazon chocolate button. Now MillerCoors has announced a new suite of connected devices that allow you to order beer at the push of a button.

You can get "Miller Lite On-Demand" using a voice-activated Amazon Alexa command and a programmable button that connects to Amazon Prime (much like the Amazon Dash chocolate button). Once you direct Alexa or push the button, an order will automatically go through Drizly and you’ll get your requested beer within the hour. The “skill” can be learned by searching for Miller Time in the Alexa Skills store.

"Consumers are expecting a frictionless shopping experience across every area of their lives, and we're working to make it easier for legal drinking age consumers to get their hands on a beer through several testable areas," Brian Pokorny, senior manager of digital marketing and media at MillerCoors, said in a statement.


But here’s the catch: The feature is only being tested by a lucky 500 Drizly customers, so we’ll probably have to wait until it rolls out nationwide.