Meet Your Daily Water Goals With This High-Tech Water Bottle

These days, technology can help you with all of your health goals. Now there's a smart water bottle that tracks your water intake and keeps you on track on the road to stay hydrated.

The reusable Hidrate Spark water bottle uses a sensor to sync to your phone via Bluetooth. The sensor measures how much water you drink and glows as an alert to drink up throughout the day, according to the company website.

Through the app (available on iPhone and Android devices), you can customize your water bottle with your height, weight, age, and activity level to calculate how much water you should be drinking on a daily basis. In addition to receiving alerts, you can also access free workouts through the app.

Since the company launched its product through Kickstarter in 2015, the high-tech water bottles have been consistently selling out. Orders placed as far back as February 14 will be shipped in April.

The bottle's success is supported by some solid principles. For those who want to start improving their health, simply drinking more water can help start the process, according to Lauren Slayton, a registered dietician with FoodTrainers.

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