McNally’s Pub in Chicago Offers Free Beers Every Time Cardinals Get a Home Run Against Cubs


A sign outside McNally’s promises “free beer every Cardinal home run.”

McNally’s, an Irish pub in Chicago with a longstanding loyalty to the White Sox, has announced that its customers will be treated to a free beer every time the St. Louis Cardinals hit a home run against the Chicago Cubs.

On one side of its marquee, McNally’s promised “free beer every Cardinal home run” during the National League Division Series, which begins tonight, October 9.

On the other side, McNally’s taunted Cub fans with the question, “Cub fans, who’s gonna pitch now?” — referring to Jake Arrieta, the skilled Cubs pitcher who pitched a complete game earlier this week against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and reminding fans that their hottest pitcher can’t play every game. At the end of the series, the final two teams will advance to the National League Championship Series.

To be clear, McNally’s wants all its customers to take advantage of the opportunity to get some cheap beer. Half its customers are Cub fans, the bar says, and the deal is all in good fun. 

Amanda, a manager for McNally’s, who did not give her last name for fear of Cubs fans egging her house, did eventually clarify to the Chicago Tribune, however, that the sign isn’t as accurate as it could be.


Because it’s technically illegal for taverns to give out free beer, McNally’s will offer each home run beer at “a minimum price or really good special.” Fifty cents or so should do it.