McDonald’s Is Testing a Self-Serve McCafé Coffee Kiosk

Kiosk allows customers to skip the line, paying for and making their own coffee

Self-serve kiosk has been seen in downtown Chicago.

While some McDonald’s locations test flavored syrups to allow customers to further customize their coffee drinks, a self-serve McCafé coffee kiosk has been spotted in downtown Chicago.

According to Brand Eating, the station provides an option for those that just want to order a cup of coffee to skip the regular line entirely, and frees up employees from having to make drinks in the back of the restaurant.

The kiosk features a touchpad which allows customers to order and pay for their drink, a beverage spout, and a cup dispenser. The machine only accepts credit cards.

Customers can order lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos from the machine and can customize their order with various flavored syrups, milks, and amount of espresso. Drinks cost $2.99 each.


The McCafé kiosk is similar to that of the Create Your Taste platform offered at select McDonald’s locations in which customers choose from dozens of ingredients to customize their burgers.