Massachusetts Brewery Is Using Cap’n Crunch Berries in Its New Beer

The brewery says that the cereal brings notes of bubble gum, stone fruit, and spice to the beer

Somerville Brewing says it chose a light beer as a more natural flavor choice to pair with the fruity cereal.

Somerville Brewing Company is throwing something new into its beer recipe, and it’s not a bonsai tree or Kernza. The Massachusetts-based brewery is using Cap’n Crunch Berries cereal in its new Belgian-style ale called “Saturday Morning,” which will launch later this month.

The Belgian ale was named as a tribute to “everybody’s favorite Saturday morning cereal,” at least according to local brewer Mike Johnson, who first dabbled with the recipe in 2000, Beverage Daily reported.

To create the beer, the company used a base recipe similar to its Trekker Trippel beer, a Belgian golden ale, then added Cap’n Crunch Berries and flaked corn during the “mash-in stage.”

“In terms of the brewing process, the crunch berries are just one more grain and sugar source for the wort,” Caitlin Jewell, co-founder of Somerville Brewing Company, told Beverage Daily.


Saturday Morning is just over 9 percent ABV and will be served at the brewery’s taproom. The brewery also has plans to can the beer and release it as a limited edition through distributor Mass Bev Alliance.