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This Man Is the World’s First Milk Sommelier

Yes, it’s a real job

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The sommelier distinguishes taste between different kinds of milk, from two percent to whole.

You’ve probably heard of wine sommeliers, but now a sommelier of milk has made his debut, and he’s ready to dish out his expertise in dairy.

In a mini-documentary by CNN’s Great Big Story, Bas de Groot is introduced as the world’s first milk sommelier.

According to de Groot, his job is to tell the story of the “rich diversity” of milk. In much the same way as a wine sommelier, de Groot “treats each taste like a sensory experience worthy of discernment and ‘terroir’ exploration.”

In the documentary, de Groot visits Clover Sonoma's Bucher Farms in California, also located in the heart of wine country, where dairy farmer John Bucher operates a 700-cow organic dairy farm that produces 5,000 gallons of milk a day. After comparing notes on the qualities of milk and the craft of dairy farming, the two enjoy a tasting that includes some of Bucher’s product.

“This is good milk,” de Groot concludes.


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