Make Your Own Trendy Hipster Bar Menu with This Hilarious Auto-Generator

By exists solely so you can open your own trendy cocktail bar and not have to worry about naming anything

Our bar will have dark paneling, a pretentious-sounding name, and $11 fermented seaweed.

So you want to open a trendy hipster bar in Williamsburg. If you can stomach the exorbitant  lease and the stiff competition, the hardest thing you have to concern yourself with is what you’re going to call your Brooklyn bar and whether or not you’re going to serve crispy Brussels sprouts.

Now you won’t have to worry about that! is a clever auto-generator that spits out a mysterious, uppity-sounding name — like Herzel & Herbert — as well as a list of possible bar offerings.It’s the nightlife version of The Onion. If you’re opening Herzel & Herbert, for instance, Brooklyn Bar Menus suggests serving $16 butter (artisan, of course) and a $14 peach spread & invigorated lamb bowl.

At Manor & Gardner, your patrons will dine on $8 seaweed and $11 water bruschetta with monkfish waffle & clam croquettes, or farm-to-table booze surprise and corn (whatever that is!).


Get your hipster Brooklyn bar starter kit here.