The Macallan Launches Limited Edition Whisky Featuring Steven Klein

The company has collaborated with photographers Annie Lebowitz and Elliott Erwitt in the past

The company says the limited edition whisky mirrors Klein’s work.

Photography and whisky making are both artforms The Macallan has aimed to instill in its Masters of Photography series. The latest in the series, which launched this week, is in collaboration with Steven Klein.


The company says that it partnered with Klein to explore time, “the unspoken fourth ingredient in The Macallan as each bottle of whisky captures a moment in time.”


“This project has given me the chance to create a film and a special edition bottle and box,” Klein said in a statement. “This was a true merging of artist and commerce, where I had great support from the team at Macallan in this endeavour.”

Klein’s edition features the limited edition whisky, one of the photographer’s exclusive, signed prints, a horse’s head bottle stopper, and barware tools.


The company says that only 1,000 went into production, with only 100 bottles available in the United States retailing at $2,995.