Limited-Edition Coca-Cola Ginger Hits Shelves in Australia

A new flavor to enjoy this summer in Australia
Coca-Cola Ginger

Coca-Cola Australia

The limited-edition beverage is packaged with a premium gold color on the lid and label.

In its 130 years of business, Coca-Cola has stood the test of time in the soft drink industry, occasionally introducing new flavors like vanilla or cherry. Now, the company is launching Coca-Cola Ginger, exclusive to Australia.  [related]

Coca-Cola chose October, the middle of Australia’s spring season, to launch its new ginger flavor because ginger beer (a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage) tends to be popular during the summer months. Consumer research showed that the market for ginger-flavored carbonated soft drinks is worth 80 million Australian dollars (61 million American dollars), a Coca-Cola South Pacific spokesperson told Beverage Daily.

The spokesperson also said there was a “high level of crossover” between people who drank soda and people who drank ginger beer. The company is aiming to attract that demographic to the rest of the Coca-Cola line through the introduction of the ginger flavor. 

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Social media will pay a huge role in marketing this limited-edition drink, which is geared toward young adults, Beverage Daily reported.