Jamba Juice Settles In Lawsuit Against 'All Natural' Claim, But Won't Pay Damages

A California class-action lawsuit accusing Jamba Juice of having misled consumers with the packaging of its smoothie kits, which identified them as "all natural," has been settled, though the company will not have to pay any damages, reports Food Navigator.
Both plaintiffs originally noted that the representation of the products as "all natural" contributed to their decision to purchase the smoothie kits.
The terms of the deal stipulate that Jamba Juice will have to stop labeling the smoothie kits, which contain ascorbic acid, xanthan gum, gelatin, and steviol glycosides as "all-natural" as of March 31, and cover the plaintiffs' legal fees.
The lawsuit applies to Jamba Juice's smoothie kit line that includes Mango-a-go-go, Strawberries Wild, Caribbean Passion, Orange Dream Machine, and Razzmatazz.
However, the company will not have to admit liability, and will not be responsible for paying damages to customers, because the plaintiffs were reportedly unable to provide a method of calculating the appropriate level of damages.