Instant Coffee Popularity Increases in Global Market

The “fourth-wave” coffee movement, which takes adaptations from third wave coffee to instant coffee, is here

The third-wave coffee movement involves high-quality, artisanal coffee.

In Asian and Middle Eastern countries, there has been a spike in the growing market of instant coffee.

According to Euromonitor, the instant coffee market is valued at $28 billion and is expected to grow another $8.3 billion by 2020.

“The growth is coming predominantly out of the developing world, like Asia and the Middle East, where consumers are finding instant coffee a quick, attractive, easy to make way not only to get energy but also to get a quick taste of modern westernized lifestyles,” Euromonitor analyst Matthew Barry told FoodNavigator-USA.

In most developed, Western countries, instant coffee consumption is low — except for in Eastern Europe, which currently has the highest consumption of instant coffee worldwide. The Pacific Asian, Middle Eastern, and African markets are expected to surpass Eastern Europe in consumption by 2020.


The instant coffee market includes not only black coffee but also varieties with cream and sugar. Advancements in instant coffee can bring premium coffee culture and products to developing countries.