If You Text This Robot, It Will Pour a Beer for You

A robot designed by tech company Zipwhip allows you to text ‘beer’ to secure your place in line with a robot bartender

Robot technology has hit a new inebriated level.

This could change the future of nightlife. A tech company called Ziplife has created a little robot bartender called the Texterator: Simply text the word “beer” to the Texterator and it’ll pour you one.

If there are other people in the room who have placed orders, your drink order will be queued, and the robot will let you know when your beer is ready. Then, you’ll get your beer in a red Solo cup imprinted with the last four digits of your phone number so you know which order is yours. If you want a second or third beer — no problem — but be aware that the smart Texterator bot will politely decline your order if it feels you’ve surpassed a certain sobriety limit.

“It doesn’t know a lot of words yet,” said Zipwhip CEO and Texterator co-creator John Lauer at the launch event during GeekWire’s 5th anniversary bash. “But we’ll probably try and teach it more off of the feedback from tonight’s inbound text.”

Check out this convenient robot in action below:

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