How to Use Any K-Cup You Want with the Keurig 2.0 with Just Scissors and Tape

The website Keurig Hack shows you how to defy the Keurig 2.0 and use any “rebel” cup you want

Here's how to use your Keurig with whatever K-cups you want. 

The advent of the Keurig coffee system and the brilliant K-Cup, which gives you the perfect single serving of coffee, was a life-changing invention for homes and offices everywhere, and other coffee roasters quickly jumped on board.

Eager to reach consumers, dozens of coffee companies developed pods suitable for the Keurig brewing system, all of which worked on the first generation of Keurig machines.

Then, in an effort to exercise much greater control on licensing and of course, financial gain, Keurig debuted the Keurig 2.0, an updated machine that only accepts licensed K-Cups, which means you have to drink Keurig-approved coffee if you want to use the machine. That is, until now.

Set to composer John Williams’ “The Imperial March,” also known as Darth Vader’s theme, the website Keurig Hack has figured out how to circumvent the restrictive new rules. All you need is one licensed K-Cup, some tape, and some scissors. 


Update: Not surprisingly, Keurig is not too pleased with this hack. A spokesperson for the company told Business Insider, "Going through the process to hack the system inherently adds complexity to a process we've designed to be simple for consumers. With 400 varieties from 60 brands, including all of the top 10 best-selling coffee brands in America, we're confident we have a wide range of beverage choices that will suit every taste."