This ‘Healthy’ Coca-Cola Is Sugar-Free and Made With Fiber

Coca-Cola Plus, originally tested in Japan, is being dubbed ‘the healthiest soda you can buy’

But is “healthy soda” an oxymoron?

For the first time ever, bottled water is outselling soda, so the beverage market is trying, in turn, to appeal to this newly health-conscious generation.

Introducing Coca-Cola Plus, which is being marketed as the world’s healthiest soda. Like many diet sodas, Coca-Cola Plus contains zero calories and zero grams of sugar. However, it also contains added fiber, from the ingredient dextrin (a type of carbohydrate often used as a fiber supplement).

Coca-Cola claims that drinking one of these “Healthy sodas” daily can actually improve cholesterol levels and reduce “levels of fat absorbed in the bloodstream,” according to Men’s Journal. It also may lower blood sugar and help alleviate the risk of heart disease.


Coca-Cola Plus was originally tested in Japan under a different name seven years ago, and now will be released to the Japanese market in March, apparently in a green tea flavor. The United States release of the beverage has not yet been confirmed.