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This Graphic Australian Campaign Will Most Likely Motivate You to Drink Less

The ad was found to be the most effective out of 83 global anti-alcohol campaigns used in the study

Campaigns seek to influence the decisions of consumers in purchasing, endorsing, and engaging with a brand or company, and while some can be incredibly motivating, others can really miss the mark. According to a study commissioned by the Cancer Council Victoria, a Western Australia campaign called “Spread” was found to be the most effective advertisement against alcohol abuse, Beverage Daily reported.

“Spread,” which was created in collaboration with The Brand Agency, warns consumers about drinking alcohol and increasing the risk of cancer “with every drink.” In the graphic ad, spilled wine is depicted as blood going through the body, potentially causing cell mutations in the breast, liver, bowel, and throat.

“We’ve seen how effective campaigns around [drunk] driving and short-term harms such as injury or violence have been in terms of changing our drinking habits, but in Victoria and the majority of the rest of Australia, we rarely see the long-term health effects of alcohol portrayed on our screens,” Todd Harper, chief executive of Cancer Council Victoria, told Beverage Daily.

“This research highlights how effective a campaign like this could be in terms of motivating people to better understand the risks of alcohol consumption.”

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