GIF: Here's Why You Should Never Throw Glass Bottles

Breaking glass bottles is never a great idea — especially when the bottle is still full and the contents of that bottle are fully capable of taking revenge on you.

A mysterious man in a nice suit and bowtie learned this when he attempt to pull off a cool stunt in front of a photographer by hurling a bottle of Champagne against an angular structure that is apparently quite bouncy.

Once the bottle hits the surface, a powerful stream of Champagne sends the bottle right back toward this man like a powerful boomerang, and he's rewarded with what looks like a pretty painful knock to the hip.

One Redditor appropriately titled his punishment "Champain," and we imagine it was immortalized by that photographer. 

Even if it wasn't, now we have this GIF as proof.

We hope he took this as a lesson to drink Champagne and not throw it — why would you waste Champagne, anyway?