Get Drunk! Play Pokémon! It’s a Grown-up Child’s Dream!

Actual Brewing will lead Pokémon-obsessed adults around Columbus, Ohio, in this three-hour-long adventure

The new phone game takes most of us right back to our childhood.

In the world we live in, one of two things is true: Either you live under a rock, or you’re aware of the Pokémon Go craze that is currently gripping the nation. The new Pokémon game for mobile phones has a massive following, and even has more daily users than Twitter. One entrepreneurial brewery is trying to take advantage of that craze.

Columbus, Ohio-based Actual Brewing will take Pokémon bingers on a three-hour safari around Columbus. Tickets are a reasonable $37.50, and Actual Brewing has promised to treate customers to its beers throughout the tour, be it on the bus or in the wild.

The event description laid out the beery bus’s goals: “On this 3 hour tour, we’ll visit intriguing PokéStops, hunt for elusive monsters, and act like this is all perfectly normal. There may be a chance to catch a rare beer in the wild.”

As any adult Pokémon diehard will tell you, nothing helps you catch ‘em all more than simultaneously drinking ‘em all, so to speak. Plus, as if this couldn’t get any better, Actual Brewing will be offering draft beer on the bus, including a not-yet-released Lemongrass Saison Beer.


Now all they have to do is figure out how to get Pokémon to flock to the bus the same way adults surely will.