French Company Invents a Champagne Machine Gun for the Ultimate Indulgent VIP Experience

Shots, anyone?

The gun costs $459 and can only be used with magnum-sized bottles.

Giving a whole new meaning to ‘shots,’ French company Extra-Night has invented the world’s first Champagne Gun, which allows you to “shoot bubbles, not bullets.”

It is available in gold, rose gold, and chrome finishes, and can be yours for a cool $459.

King of Sparklers Jeremy Touitou is the U.S. distributor for the Champagne Gun, and his target audience is upscale bars and clubs that want to offer their guests the ultimate VIP experience or at the very least have some cool props, according to Delish.

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The Champagne Gun must be ‘loaded’ with magnum-sized Champagne bottle, and can shoot Champagne up to 23 feet for up to 45 seconds. An attachment also allows you to pour Champagne the usual way. The Miami New Times reports that the magnum size was chosen as those bottles are the most difficult for clubs to sell.