Four-Year-Old Girl Gets on a Bus by Herself at 3 in the Morning to Get a Slushie

Annabelle doesn’t see problems, she sees solutions.
Four-Year-Old Girl Gets on a Bus by Herself at 3 in the Morning to Get a Slushie
WPVI-TV/Flickr/Mariela M.

The kid needed a slushie, badly. 

Annabelle Ridgeway, a four-year-old resident of Philadelphia, made headlines this weekend when, around 3 in the morning, she was overcome by a slushie craving so strong that she took it upon herself to leave her house and ride the bus toward her frozen dreams.

The intrepid traveler is shown on video surveillance obtained by WPVI-TV Action News, an ABC affiliate, climbing aboard the SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) bus and calmly waiting for her stop, apparently unaware that her solo adventure is causing any fuss at all.

A fellow passenger quickly alerted bus driver Harlan Jenifer to the presence of a “38-inch tall strawberry blonde,” and he promptly called the police.

Jenifer told the station that Annabelle described her mission clearly. “‘All I want is a slushie,’ that’s all she said.”

As a precaution, authorities brought Annabelle to a hospital, where she was reunited with parents who will now need to deal with the fact that their daughter’s food cravings cannot be ignored.

Later, as her mother was being interviewed by WPVI-TV, Annabelle seized the moment to ask, on camera, “Mom, can you take me to Wawa and get me a slushie?”

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