Forget Craft Beer: The Newest Trend Is Alcoholic Root Beer

The newest trend these days? Making grown-up versions of your favorite childhood snacks and drinks. The Daily Meal can testify to this — a gourmet peanut butter and jelly shake almost beats out the classic PB&J. The latest and greatest "adult version" treat is definitely boozy root beer.

People won't stop blogging, talking about, and reviewing alcoholic root beers like Not Your Father's Root Beer, crafted by Small Town Brewery in Illinois, which packs a punch at 10 percent ABV. This alcoholic version of root beer has gained particular praise, with a 95 percent rating on Beer Advocate and hundreds of stock requests from all over the country.

But Small Town isn't the only boozy soda on the market. There's also Sprecher Hard Root Beer from Sprecher Brewing Company in Milwaukee, Forbidden Root from Chicago, and Row Hard Root Beer out of Kansas. So don't despair: You're likely to find an alcoholic root beer on tap somewhere near your hometown.

Now excuse us while we dream about the delicious boozy root beer floats we could make with a glass of Not Your Father's Root Beer.