EXCLUSIVE: Mountain Dew Pitch Black Is Back After A Five Year Hiatus

In 2004, Mountain Dew introduced a new, limited-edition Halloween flavor to its soda lineup: Mountain Dew Pitch Black, a deep-purple, black grape-flavored soda. The drink disappeared soon after and returned briefly in summer 2011.

After a sweepstakes that gave away cases of the stuff, Mountain Dew Pitch Black is now officially back by popular fan demand and hundreds of online petition signatures. The Daily Meal has the exclusive scoop on the dark and bubbly.

"Mountain Dew consistently listens to its fans, especially when they ask for a fan favorite like Mtn Dew Pitch Black to be brought back for all to enjoy," said Melissa Miranda, PepsiCo's director of marketing. "As one of the all-time most requested flavors on social media, we're thrilled to announce that Mtn Dew Pitch Black will now be exclusively available for a limited time on fountain and as a Speedy Freeze at Speedway locations across the country."

That's the catch: You'll only be able to get your Dark Dew on for a limited time, and you'll have to head to a Speedway to stock up.

This isn't the first time Mountain Dew has brought back a long-lost flavor. In 2015, fans saw the return of the beloved Taco Bell-exclusive Baja Blast

Fans are already pretty excited for this retro comeback: