EXCLUSIVE: Dunkin’ Donuts Released a New ‘Sweet and Salty’ Coffee Drink

You'll be able to try the Sweet & Salted Cold Brew made with a salty whipped topping, starting this week

Salt in your coffee is actually not a new concept, but Dunkin' is joining in on the trend.

Dunkin’ Donuts is adding a pinch of salt to its coffee menu. The coffee and doughnut chain just announced a new “sweet and salted cold brew drink” that is being added to the menu starting this week. The limited-edition beverage is made with Dunkin’s cold brew, sweetened with liquid cane sugar, and topped with a new salted whipped topping.

We’re not entirely sure what to expect with this new savory coffee topping, but putting a pinch of salt in your coffee is actually a trend that’s been around for a while. Adding salt or even butter to your morning cup of joe (like bulletproof coffee) cuts back on the bitterness of the caffeine without the added calories from pouring in milk or sweeteners instead.


Dunkin’ is also introducing other new menu items in March including a Vanilla Truffle Donut, filled with vanilla buttercream, frosted with chocolate icing and topped with white and dark chocolate curls, as well as the return of the ever-popular Shamrock Sprinkle Donut for St. Paddy’s Day and the chocolate-filled croissant.