Drunk Woman Crashes Car Into Apartment Complex, Blames Her Dog

This Florida woman drove under the influence and told police it was her dog’s fault

If this dog was driving under the influence of alcohol, it probably would've been arrested.

A 33-year-old woman in Sumter County, Florida, crashed her car into an apartment complex while allegedly under the influence of alcohol, but blamed the whole thing on her dog.

Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux told Wildwood police that they should arrest the dog, according to the Daily Commercial. It’s unclear how her dog was involved, but witnesses said that Lamoreaux drove off after hitting the complex and went back to her apartment.

When police approached her, Lamoreaux said she drove away because she had planned to pay for the damage, insisting that her dog should be arrested instead. They asked her to take a sobriety test, but she refused. Police noted that she smelled of alcohol and appeared confused.


Lamoreaux became hostile when officers attempted to place her under arrest, resisting all attempts to be handcuffed. She was charged with DUI, hit and run involving property damage, and resisting arrest. She was released from Sumter County jail on a $2,500 bail. Lamoreaux’s dog was not arrested.