Drinking Device Enhances the Flavors of Your Drinks

Global Ionics’ Beverage Power utilizes a patented voltage booster and ionic polarization technology
Beverage Power

Image courtesy of Global Ionics

Beverage Power is ‘powered’ by the human body.

Technology, research, and marketing company Global Ionics has utilized its patented polarization technology to create a “revolutionary drinking device,” the Beverage Power, according to a release. The device is ‘powered’ by naturally occurring ions in the human body, along with a patented voltage booster circuit and one AAA battery “to generate a small, safe electric current within any beverage.”

According to Global Ionics, this electric current alters and enhances tastes, making salty drinks taste saltier, sugary drinks taste sweeter, and more. Beverage power holds potential implications for beverage companies, as with this device, beverage companies can lower amounts of sodium and other ingredients to make healthier drinks while still maintaining a great-tasting product. On its site, Global Ionics says, “Our objective is to provide beverage devices and innovations that will speed up recovery due to dehydration, boost energy, flush out toxins, act as an antioxidant, and enhance the body's immune system.”

The Beverage Power can attach to any cup, glass, or water bottle. There are no on or off switches to the device, as it is powered by the human body. Rather, users will ‘See the Light’ once the circuit is completed and the device is ‘working.’

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