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Drink on the Go With This Secret Luxury Wine Purse

Now you can bring the party with you wherever you go

Christian Delbert / Shutterstock

The purse allows you to store and serve over a liter of wine.

We’ve seen wine purses before, but not like this. Wine and gourmet food company Bella Vita has a line of faux and real leather wine purses and bags, so now you can secretly carry around a bag of wine and drink in style.

The PortoVino has a hidden insulated compartment that holds a removable 1.5-liter bladder (holding the equivalent of two standard wine bottles) to fill with your wine or beverage of choice, according to the company website

The tote’s spout is also hidden, but easily accessible, to quickly get your wine fix.

The PortoVino comes in black, blue, and red, and retails for $74.95 online.

But that’s not all — Bella Vita also has a sleek wine clutch that fits a single bottle of wine. The clutch, which retails for $39.99, is fully lined in satin and features a zipper compartment and pocket on the inside.


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