Dogfish Head Releases First Canned Beer This Month in Mid-Atlantic

The Delaware craft brewery is following suit of other craft breweries that have also canned their beers

Dogfish Head’s Flesh & Blood IPA and SeaQuench Ale will also have canned options early next year. ​

After 21 years of business, Dogfish Head is finally releasing its first canned beer to Mid-Atlantic distributors this month  in the 60 Minute IPA.

The 12-fluid-ounce India Pale Ales are produced at 267 cans per minute with a state-of-the-art Krones can line, according to the brewer’s website. This new production line allows the brewer to sell consistent, quality beer in cans, bottles, and drafts.

Sam Calagione, founder and president of Dogfish Head, said that earlier in his career the canning technology had been underwhelming. “But times have changed, equipment has evolved, and we’ve designed a beautiful, state-of-the-art Krones can line that delivers the quality and consistency our consumers have come to expect from our beer.”

Each beer can is stamped with a date, as the company’s bottled beers are, to let consumers know how fresh the beer is.


Dogfish Head will expand to its full 30-state (plus Washington, D.C.) distribution in early 2017.