Bartender Faces Federal Charges for Threatening to Poison John Boehner’s Drinks


After being fired from his job, Hoyt personally called the police to make a series of threats against John Boehner. 

Michael Hoyt, a bartender who worked at House Speaker John Boehner’s country club in West Chester, Ohio, is accused of threatening to poison Boehner’s drinks and shoot him, and now faces federal charges, according to court documents obtained by The New York Times.

Hoyt, who worked at the Wetherington Country Club in Ohio for more than five years, contacted the police himself in October 2014 to make threats against Boehner and accuse Boehner and other country club members of having him fired.

According to court documents, Hoyt complained that he “did not have time to put something in John Boehner’s drink,” and that he “often poured drinks for Boehner and could have put something in his drink but did not.” The documents continue, “Hoyt stated that no one checks the drinks he poured for Boehner, and it would have been very easy to slip something into his drink.”

After he was fired, Hoyt emailed Boehner’s wife to let her know that “If I had any intention of hurting Mr. Boehner, I could have poisoned his wine at Wetherington, many, many times.”

While in custody, Hoyt also made statements that believed he was Jesus Christ and John Boehner was the devil, and was responsible for the Ebola virus. Aside from two firearms, Hoyt told police that there were “many things around the house that he could use as weapons, such as knives, a can of gasoline, or an ax.”

Court documents did not make it clear whether Hoyt was in police custody or undergoing psychiatric treatment.


In a written statement, a spokesman for Boehner confirmed that he was “aware of this situation and sincerely thanks the F.B.I., the Capitol Police, and local authorities in Ohio for their efforts,” according to The New York Times