Counter Culture Coffee’s Newest Limited-Edition Blend Is Called Sweet Valley High

It’s not quite the Francine Pascal collaboration we were hoping for, but twin power is forever

‘While they sometimes seem like twins, the two co-ops exhibit distinctive flavor profiles,’ just like Elizabeth and Jessica. 

For every young adult who came of age in the ’90s, Counter Culture Coffee’s newest limited-edition blend will serve up a heavy dose of nostalgia — because it’s called Sweet Valley High.

Though it has nothing to do with the series, the latest blend shares the name of the popular book series — and television show — by Francine Pascal, which followed twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield and their diverging social lives.

Fellow readers of the Sweet Valley series will no doubt remember that Elizabeth was the quiet, studious one while Jessica was the popular, outgoing one — and their lives truly began the day they started doing their hair differently from one another.

This coffee has nothing to do with the Wakefield twins, unfortunately, and was named because the beans are sourced from two coffee cooperatives on either side of a small valley in Ethiopia — though Counter Culture does make a quick mention of twin power. 

“Sweet Valley High is a 50/50 blend of [cooperatives] Haru and Idido — resulting in a floral, tea-like coffee with citrus notes and a juicy sweetness,” according to a press release. “While they sometimes seem like twins, the two co-ops exhibit distinctive flavor profiles. On one side, Haru coffees feature crisp florals and tea notes from a predominantly Wolisho variety, while Idido, slightly higher in elevation and predominantly Kudhume variety, brings sweet citric fruit notes.”


Sweet Valley High will be available through the end of October.