This Cotton Candy-Topped Snow Lemonade Is Perfect for a Snow Day Inside

The latest Instagram trend comes from Cafe Maji in California and features cotton candy that ‘melts’ into lemonade

We’re not sure if this sounds incredible or sickeningly sweet.

Forget homemade snow cones made with the icy white stuff outside. (You don’t know where that snow has been!) This latest Instagram trend creates a colorful snow scene out of cotton candy that “magically” melts into a glass of lemonade, turning the drink purple. Snow lemonade is sold at Cafe Maji in Artesia, California, and it looks like a whimsical creation out of Harry Potter.

But rather than waving a magic wand, a server tops an unsweetened glass of lemonade with a giant swath of fluffy cotton candy. Then, a brightly colored tea made from blue butterfly pea flowers is poured over the cotton candy. The magically melted “snow” sweetens the lemonade and turns it a vivid purple.


Cafe Maji, a Korean café, also serves latte art, matcha tiramisu, milkshakes in mason jars, and shaved milk ice, among other unique drinks and desserts. They also offer a Snow Affogato, which is made with espresso sweetened with melted cotton candy.