Coca-Cola Uses Baobab in Latest Low-Calorie Offering

The company rolls Aquarius Vive in Spain, featuring baobab extract among its ingredients

Wikimedia Commons / Gloumouth1 / CC BY-SA 3.0

The baobab tree was not, in fact, named by Dr. Seuss.

Coca-Cola has recently launched a low-calorie soft drink with an exotic ingredient. The brand, called Aquarius Vive, debuted in Spain this past month. Aquarius Vive includes zinc, vitamin B3, and, most intriguingly, baobab extract.

Baobab comes from the African baobab tree, famed for its ability to live 4,000 years and contain thousands of liters of water. The fruit that the tree spawns has a velvety shell and is similar in size to a coconut. In recent years it has been included as an ingredient in flavored waters, smoothies, and juices.

Some proponents of the fruit, said to taste like a combination of grapefruit, pear, and vanilla, highlight its nutritional benefits. However, Coca-Cola, which has chosen to prominently display the inclusion of baobab on the front of the Aquarius Vive can, has pointed to its exotic and refreshing qualities.

 “We wanted to have an exotic ingredient which could give new news in the product proposition, a differentiation versus other beverages in market, and finish up our positioning as a beverage which fits in healthy and active lifestyle for everyone,” a Coca-Cola spokesperson said.


Depending on the popularity of Aquarius Vive in Spain, Coca-Cola said, it could be introduced to other markets globally.