Coca-Cola Celebrates the Chinese New Year in its Latest Ad

The Chinese New Year (also called Spring Festival) begins Jan. 28

The company worked with advertising agency McCann Shanghai.

Coca-Cola has run into some issues with past holiday commercials, but the company’s latest ad campaign will pull at your heartstrings with its take on the Chinese New Year.

The commercial features two animated dolls modeled on clay (part of traditional Chinese folk art) that Coca-Cola China initially premiered in its ads in 2001, according to Ad Age

The use of the clay dolls in Coca-Cola ads in China is similar to how the company uses polar bears for its Christmas commercials: They build on consumer familiarity.

In the ad, a lonely snowman is seen looking at a family celebrating the Chinese New Year, but soon has a family of its own to enjoy the holidays with after Coca-Cola’s clay dolls build more snowmen.


The ad shows "the unbreakable bond you have with family," Cia Hatzi, Asia Pacific regional business director for Coca-Cola, told Ad Age.