Chicago Brewery Releases ‘Dumb Donald’, a New IPA Inspired by Donald Trump

The brewery, Spiteful Brewing, released a new hoppy brew that doubles as a jab at the presumptive GOP nominee
He can now add “beer” to the long list of things with his name on it.

Flickr / Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0

He can now add “beer” to the long list of things with his name on it.

Barstool pundits can now drink a beer that shares their disdain for the Donald. Chicago-based Spiteful Brewing released a double IPA named “Dumb Donald,” inspired by the GOP candidate.

It is brewed with key lime, adding a sour note to an already bitter beer — perhaps a not-so-subtle indication of the company’s opinion of Trump. In a picture of the label posted by the company, a caricature of Donald crouches between an ape and a man, mimicking famous pictorial descriptions of evolution

The label reads: “Dumb Donald is well, dumb. So dumb in fact, we named a beer after him. It’s like he got caught in a pause half way through evolution.” Ouch.

The brewers, however, do not stop there, noting that Trump’s brain “functions at a minimal level with a vocabulary of a second grade student.” A little harsh, perhaps, but when classifying Trump as sub-human, accusing him of having a second-grade vocabulary seems quite trivial.

While the label’s political bent got mixed reviews, we can nevertheless applaud Spiteful Brewing for their wit. Especially because it takes more than that to rattle the Donald. Who knows, maybe Trump will get Christie to fetch him a six-pack.

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