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A Canadian Brewery Aims to ‘Make Beer Great Again’ with ‘Fake News’ Ale

Northern Maverick plans to open a brewery and restaurant in Toronto this summer

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The beer contains 5 percent ABV. 

Shortly after Donald Trump won the United States presidential election, the Government of Canada’s immigration website crashed, with Americans rushing to figure out how to become a Canadian citizen. Now, one of Canada’s craft breweries, Northern Maverick Brewing Company, is trolling Trump with its “Fake News” ale, which is launching this summer.

According to the company, the ale pairs well with “small hands, striking comb overs, and huuuge egos, and all things Mexican.” For each can of the beer sold, the brewery says it will donate five percent of sales to help the United States “reverse a questionable policy.” The brewery says it will allow consumers to vote on which cause will receive the donation.

“We are going to provide a list of charitable causes on our website that can be voted on by the public. People can also write in a cause if they wish,” Jason Kaptyn, founder of Northern Maverick, told Munchies. “The charities that we suggest for voting will focus on areas that have been hurt by the current administration's policies.”

The beer will be part of a “charitable line of beers” that are expected to be released every six to 18 months.


Trump has also inspired another beer, an imperial saison to be exact, created by female brewers in Denver for Inauguration Day. To read about the “Pussy Riot” beer, click here.